Dentsu Aegis Tracking

Dentsu Aegis Tracking

Supply Chain Efficiency & Integrity

Dentsu Aegis Tracking is a leading business unit based in Switzerland delivering Track and Trace solutions as well as Supply Chain Digital Transformation for clients or governments.

Our solution ensures products are authenticated and tracked along the entire supply chain, in order to:

• Enable the digital transformation of the entire supply chain
• Ensure the integrity and security of the supply chain
• Combat illicit trade
• Increase the operational efficiency of the supply chain
• Generate new revenue streams, and value
• Create new touch points and strenghten engagement with consumers

In 2018, Dentsu Aegis Tracking was awarded by the EU Commission a 5-year Concession Agreement to deliver and operate the EU Secondary Repository and Router, one of the key components of the EU Tobacco Traceability System, to reduce the circulation of non-compliant Tobacco products, reduce illicit and counterfeit trade and protect public health.

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